Power of Love Campaign

The “Power of Love” Campaign is the community service arm of the Rainbow Family & Friends Club of The Villages.

The Results Are In!

Another Successful 

MARCH 2014
 - We want to let everyone know what a successful Paper Shred we had this past Saturday to benefit the animals.  Their little bellies will be full for a while with over $9,104 raised just for them!  Thanks to everyone in our Rainbow Family & Friends Club who came out to help unload the cars and keep the line moving.  The line was non-stop for 3 1/2 hours. The average wait was only 10 minutes and people were amazed. We were exhausted!  We had to close down the first shred truck when it reached it's capacity of 10,000 pounds of paper. The second truck was almost full as well. Thanks to Buffalo Ridge Animal Hospital for allowing us to use their parking lot again this year and to Hill's Shred Express for the two professional shred trucks.  A job well done!

Pride Fest A Huge Success!

Club Donates $4000 to Assist Feeding Area Families!

NOVEMBER 2013 - The Rainbow Family & Friends Club sponsored the first ever PrideFest right here in The Villages. Held at La Hacienda Recreation Center, over 260 people were in attendance as we paid tribute the numerous legal & social changes we have seen in the last few years. Signs for the (then) 14 states plus Washington, D.C. that allow same sex marriages filled the stage followed by a moving video of wedding pictures from Club members who have taken advantage of the new statutes & tied the knot. Celebration continued as we recognized the death of the military's "Don't Ask / Don't Tell" policy, their extension of spousal benefits to active & retired military, & the defeat of Section 3 of the "Defense of Marriage" Act by the Supreme Court.

All of these and more landmark decisions had us dancing the night away with pride & love & all for a good cause. Thanks to our participants, to four business sponsor, plus the incredible generosity of some party committee members we were able to raise $4000 for Deliver The Difference to assist in feeding hungry families in the Tri-County area through the Holiday Season. A final check will be given at the Waterfront Inn @ 5:50 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 21. Come out for our group picture to demonstrate our unique form of "The Power of Love".

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Power of Love Campaign

Power of Love Campaign