About Us

Dear Friends,
It's amazing to me how much the world has changed as we come up to the seventh anniversary of the Rainbow Family & Friends Club (RFFC) here in The Villages. When we started, there was little organization or visibility for the LGBT community & a great fear of being identified was common among many. 

But, over the years we have become increasingly more active within the larger community. And, much to our delight, we have been welcomed & supported with each step of the way! The LGBT population here has grown enormously, and while just a few short years ago we had more limited opportunities to come together, we now have so many options that our calendars remain filled to the brim on a regular basis. Just a partial list of the activities we enjoy include: 

Bowling Leagues, Dance & Dinner Parties, Thursday Nights @ Bonifay, Golf Groups (almost every day of the week), a newly formed women's discussion group (Sappho’s Sisters), an MCC Church, in addition to several open & affirming congregations to join, Bocce on Saturday nights, periodic adventures to Tampa or Orlando for theater, dance lessons. And, the list expands! 

At the heart of this growing & vibrant community is a spirit of adventure, pride in what we can now call our own, and most importantly, a willingness to step up as volunteers to ensure the success of a given activity.  

Without a doubt, we owe a sweet debt of gratitude to all those who made our tee times on a weekly basis, volunteered at parties, or lifted bags of documents at our annual "Community Paper Shred.” Through the efforts of these volunteers we have not only enjoyed our lives here in The Villages immensely, but we have created enormous goodwill & respect with our "Power of Love Campaign" giving to date over $63,000 to a variety of social needs! We have stepped from the shadows & are becoming known for our social responsibility, our generous hearts, and for the contributing community that we have always been. We thank all of you for this support! 

As we move forward it is important that we recognize that we are in the midst of a social revolution with at it's center our civil rights. Each of us needs to decide for ourselves our own comfort level with issues such as visibility & activism. Know that no matter what role we choose to assume, we are ambassadors for a worthy cause. Let's take this on with the dignity &pride that we have always deserved. 

Special thanks goes out to all for your support of our activities and events. We will continue to bring quality entertainment to our community, to keep everyone informed on important issues via our website, & to to press forward with our community service through "The Power Of Love.” 

Best regards,
Wendy & Peggy

5 Frequently Asked Questions
#1 - I’d like to move to The Villages but am concerned about how “gay friendly” it might be. Can you tell me if you’ve run into any problems as gay residents?”

Peggy & Wendy:
 Peggy and I first came to the Villages (TV) in late 2002. We moved from San Diego where we had enjoyed the benefits of a strong gay community for years. We were very happy with the lifestyle TV offered and knew there must be a “women’s community” here, especially in view of all the sports activities we saw. Sure enough, it didn’t take us long to find a softball team and make connections with any number of lesbians who lived here. Within a few months we also discovered a small, but growing, group of gay men who we were delighted to get to know. 

Initially Peggy & I wanted to start an officially sanctioned club right away, however, found that we needed to build some support for that idea within the community. It took a while, but we finally filled out the paperwork, were assigned a meeting time/place, and had our first meeting in August 2007. Since then the Rainbow Family & Friends Club has grown steadily and we’ve sponsored a wide variety of social events, a number of fund-raisers directed towards community service, and educational meetings on pertinent topics of interest to our group. 

We are very proud of our club and feel we have done a great deal to promote diversity here in The Villages.  People often ask how “gay friendly” is TVs. After all, we are nestled in central Florida, which has been known far and wide as a conservative stronghold for years. Yes, generally speaking people tend to lean towards the right. Both Republicans and Democrats are well represented, however, and there seems to be a general tendency for the “live and let live” philosophy. 

All of us have moved here from somewhere else and are anxious to establish a new life, make new friends, etc. I think this tends to make people a little more open to differences than they might be otherwise. And besides, the Gay movement has made tremendous progress in the last decade or so. People are more educated about issues relating to sexual orientation than they were in years past and more willing to accept that all families are not of the “June & Wally Cleaver” variety.  This is not to say that we walk the streets holding hands with our partners or dance to slow songs down at the Square. We are here, though, and a part of the larger community. 

Peggy & I have never denied that we are a couple, but it doesn’t have to be the opener for every conversation we have. In our dealings and contacts with The Villages regarding the club, however, from the beginning we have been open and direct about who we are as a group. I can tell you without reservation that we have never had a single problem of any kind that would fall in the “homophobia” category. The Villages staff has consistently been nothing but welcoming and helpful to us in every way.  

#2 - Do we have any regrets about moving here?  
Peggy & Wendy:  Absolutely none! We remain as happy today as we did when we bought our first home almost seven years ago. In fact, we may even be happier because now we have a broad group of friends and a terrific gay community to be a part of. Do we think The Villages is perfect? No, it is not. But we have yet to find anything that is really of major concern to us. If we’ve had a problem, we’ve always been able to work with the Villages staff to resolve it.

But here’s the thing: The Villages is not for everyone! What I suggest to those who are thinking of moving here is that you do all the homework necessary to make your own choice. Do the Visitation Program, rent a house for a month, participate in as many activities as you can, and ask every question that pops into your head. We offer the website to keep people informed as to what the gay community is up to at any given time and to provide forums for “family” activities of all kinds. Come join us for some of these things and see if our lifestyle here is what you need for yourself.

#3 - I am not a resident of the Villages. Can I come to the Rainbow Family & Friends meetings and parties?
Peggy & Wendy
: This is a tricky, and often, touchy issue. As an officially recognized Resident Council (i.e., club), we must abide by certain rules and regulations. The guidelines we must follow set very specific limits for “non-resident” attendance. In essence, for any of our meetings and Club sponsored parties in which we have been granted a room at no-charge, either a resident ID or a valid visitors ID is required.? However, some of the parties we have are sponsored by residents rather than the club itself. In this case, the room has been rented for the purposes of an event, and therefore, proper ID is not required. Please read the announcements on our website carefully. With each event we try to make sure to indicate if ID is required or not.

#4 - How do I become a member of the Rainbow Family & Friends Club?
Peggy & Wendy:
 We’ve made this really easy for anyone who is a Villages resident and wants to join “the club." Simply come to our meetings or parties or events. Like the country clubs, we all become a member of when we buy a house within the Villages. If you choose to participate in Rainbow Family & Friends activities, then you are a member! There are no dues, no formal membership lists, etc. We are very casual about membership so as to be as inclusive as possible and reduce any concerns our participants have about being “identified."

#5 - How does the Rainbow Family & Friends Club communicate?
Peggy & Wendy: 
First of all, we have our website. This is operated by volunteers. We make every effort to keep it up-to-date and pertinent.  Secondly, we use the e-mail to send a weekly newsletter each week listing on-going activities and upcoming events. We also utilize what we call “website blasts” which are specific notices sent out to our e-mail list when something important needs to be communicated. It could be ticket sales information, meeting reminders, or announcements of various kinds. And then, of course, there are the more formal communications represented by our regular meetings. We try to keep our agendas informative, pertinent, and entertaining. Any ideas you might have for topics would be greatly appreciated.

Our Founders

Our founders
, Peggy Garvin and Wendy O'Donnell, first came to the Villages in late 2002. They moved from San Diego, CA where they enjoyed the benefits of a strong gay community for many years. They were impressed with the lifestyle that the Villages had to offer, and knew there was very likely a "woman's community" within, especially in view of all the sports activities offered. It didn't take long for them to find a softball team and make connections with a number of lesbians already residing in the community. 

Within a few months, they also discovered a small, but growing, group of gay men that they were delighted to get to know. Initially, they wanted to start a sanctioned club right away, but found that they needed to build some support for that idea within the community. It took awhile, but they finally completed the necessary paperwork, were assigned a meeting time and place, and had the first meeting in August 2007. 

Since then the Rainbow Family and Friends Club has grown steadily, and has sponsored a wide variety of social events, fund raisers for the community at large, and educational meetings on pertinent topics of interest. Our founders are very proud of the club and believe they have done much to promote diversity here in the Villages.

Club Membership & Meetings

MEMBERSHIP is open to all Villages residents who identify as LGBT or friends of the LGBT community. 

MEETINGS are held the 3rd Thursday of the month at the Bacall Recreation Center from 3:00 until 4:30 pm. A valid Villages ID or Guest ID is needed. Since meetings are not held every month, check for meeting announcement on this website. 

NO ANNUAL DUES are collected and no membership lists are kept.  Donations to offset club operating expenses are requested at the meetings.  

MEETING MINUTES and treasurer's reports are available on request.

FUNDRAISING EVENTS are organized to benefit local charities. See our Power of Love campaign on this website for more information.

SOCIAL EVENTS - LGBT are primarily organized by private individuals, groups, or businesses in the local area.  See our calendar for more information.

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